Havainnekuva Savilahden alueesta. Kuvassa järven rannalla erivärisiä kerrostaloja, puita, ihmisiä ja eläimiä.

Kuopio and its partners enable sustainable growth and a good life. 

The City of Kuopio has several spearhead projects and other development projects underway to support the city’s strategy, vitality, and growth. External funding is used in the financing of development measures whenever possible (e.g. EU funding). 

The projects in Kuopio are related to the city’s strategic goals: 

  • Healthy and communal Kuopio 
  • Dynamic and growing Kuopio 
  • Climate and resource wise Kuopio 
  • Progressive and cooperative Kuopio 

as well as three themes that intersect all of the strategic goals: 

  • Digitalisation 
  • Partnership 
  • Internationality 

The City of Kuopio also acts as a partner and co-financer in numerous projects coordinated by other actors. The possibility for the City of Kuopio to participate in projects varies at different times and according to available resources. Project proposals require discussions with representatives of the City of Kuopio well in advance. 

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Strategy of Kuopio

EU-funded projects 

Innovation and Skills in Finland 2021–2017 (EU regional and structural policy programme 2021–2027) 

The Innovation and Skills in Finland 2021–2027 programme supports business, energy, climate, innovation, education, and employment policies as well as activities against exclusion and poverty. It includes the measures of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+), and the Just Transition Fund (JTF). A newly included part of the programme is that funding for sustainable urban development is provided for innovation ecosystem agreement projects implemented in collaboration between cities and the state. The funding is used to develop the innovation capacity and ecosystems of cities based on the city’s activities as an innovation platform to strengthen cooperation between business life, research institutes, and institutions of higher education. 

Further information: 

Sustainable Growth and Employment 2014–2020 Finnish structural fund programme (EU regional and structural policy programme 2014–2020) 

During the EU structural fund period 2014–2020, the City of Kuopio implemented and funded more than 100 projects. The implementation of the projects will continue until autumn 2023. The city’s funding of about 10 million euros has provided leverage for projects whose total value is more than 74 million euros. Most of the city’s project funding (more than 80%) has focused on developing the operating conditions of the city’s growth and business life and improving the level of employment. The largest of the city’s EU-funded projects have been investment and employment projects related to accessibility and lowering carbon emissions. 

Progress reports 

Progress report on EU-funded projects 6 February 2023 (in Finnish) 

Spearhead projects 

International networks 

The City of Kuopio is involved in several significant international networks and projects. The goal is to promote active international networking and the contacts of the city, companies in the region, and R&D operators. 

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International networks and cooperation

Contact information 

Arto Holopainen 

Chief Innovation Officer 

+358 45 139 3996 

Sirpa Lätti-Hyvönen 

Strategy director 

+358 44 718 2132