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  • Strategy 2030 

Kuopio 2030 strategy in Finnish (pdf)Kuopio 2030 strategy in English (pdf) 

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Kuopio 2030 strategy presentation in Finnish (pptx)Kuopio 2030 strategy, short presentation in English (pptx) 

Kuopio strategy for 2030 

In municipal management, strategy refers to a conscious choice of direction in a constantly changing environment. The strategy also aims for commitment to causes. The strategy is about making choices. In the strategy, the city selects the themes that are central in the changing environment in order to achieve the desired future. 

Kuopio’s strategy is not only the strategy of the city organisation but of the entire city community, as the City of Kuopio is only one actor among many involved in implementing the strategy. 

The Kuopio strategy 2030 was prepared in 2017 and approved by the Kuopio City Council on 11 December 2017 (section 71). It has been updated in 2021 and 2022. ​​​​​​​The Kuopio City Council approved the updated strategy on 16 May 2022 (section 29). The objectives of the strategy are reviewed annually in connection with the preparation of the budget. 

Kuopio vision and objectives 

The capital of good life – Health, vitality and the richness of everyday life

The vision of Kuopio is to be “the capital of good life”. Good life is exemplified by health, the vitality of the region and the richness of everyday life. 

The vision has been specified with four objectives that describe the city’s desired state in 2030: 

  • Healthy and communal – safe for everyone, the best place to grow and learn 
  • Dynamic and growing – attractive for talent and business 
  • Climate- and resource-wise – sustainably growing, proud of its environment 
  • Progressive and cooperative – happy and healthy work community 

Mission and values / ways to act 

The mission of the City of Kuopio is: 

“Kuopio with its partners creates sustainable growth and a good life”

The values of Kuopio are expressed as modes of operation: 

“Here in Kuopio, our unique MO is “freedom to choose". Openly. Inspiringly. Responsibly. Together.”

Our modes of operation should be visible in all our activities, both in customer work and in the work community. In a changing operating environment, we need creativity and courage to do things in a new way as well as to critically assess established operating methods. We act responsibly and take economic, social and ecological impact into account in our activities. We work together across organisational boundaries and actively involve residents in the development of activities and services. 

Strategic goals and success factors 

The Kuopio strategy includes four goals: Healthy and communal Kuopio, Dynamic and growing Kuopio, Climate and resource wise Kuopio, and Progressive and cooperative Kuopio. The success factors are grouped under these four goals. 

Healthy and communal Kuopio 

  • Living environment and inclusion 
  • Lifestyles and social networks that promote wellbeing 
  • Lifelong learning, work and livelihood 
  • Quality education and early childhood education and care 
  • Meaningful leisure activities and experiences 

Dynamic and growing Kuopio 

  • Competitive, encouraging environment for entrepreneurship 
  • Bold, sustainable urban development 
  • Attractive hub of innovation, research and expertise and high-quality education 
  • Growing tourism and attractive events 
  • Awareness of Kuopio and lobbying 

Climate and resource wise Kuopio 

  • Circular economy and wise use of resources 
  • Smart mobility and sustainable urban structure 
  • Promoting biodiversity and preventing biodiversity loss 
  • Security of supply and crisis tolerance 

Progressive and cooperative Kuopio 

  • Smooth, progressive operations 
  • Progressive management 
  • Skilled staff who are healthy and happy 
  • Sustainable economy 

Intersecting strategic themes 

The strategy also includes three strategic themes that intersect the success factors: 

Contact information 

Sirpa Lätti-Hyvönen 

Strategy director 

+358 44 718 2132