Applying for building permits

Savon ammattiopiston uusi päärakennus iltavalaistuksessa syksyllä.

Most of the permits related to construction are granted by building control services. Building and action permits are processed weekly by the permit authorities in the building control. By submitting an application for processing during Thursday, the permit application will be processed the following week.

If the plan is to be built in the summer, start preparing the project in the previous autumn, apply for a permit in winter, so then construction can begin as soon as snow melts.

Steps for applying for a permit

Apply for a permit at Lupapiste!


You can apply for a change permit or an extended permit for a valid building permit.

If your permit has expired, you must apply for a new building permit for the changes. In this case, contact the permit authority. An extension to the completion of the work cannot be granted if the permit has expired.

To demolish the building, either a demolition permit or a demolition notification is required. The permit or notification matter is applied for in the same way, so the applicant does not need to know which procedure is used.

What will my building permit cost?

The applicant for the permit or the person performing the action is obliged to pay the municipality a fee for official duties, the basis of which is determined in the fees approved by the municipality (Land Use and Building Act, section 145). The fee is determined in connection with the permit decision.

Permit fees are invoiced after the permit decision has been made. Especially during summer rushes, invoicing can be handled several weeks after the permit decision. We try to invoice all payments related to the building permit with the same invoice, and there are usually no separate invoices for inspections, for example.

The permit fees in Kuopio are approved annually by the Environmental and Building Board of the City of Kuopio. The City Council of Suonenjoki is responsible for approving permit fees for Suonenjoki.

  • Payments for the tasks of the building control authority in Kuopio and Suonenjoki

Payments for building control, KuopioPayments for building control, Suonenjoki

Schedule for the building permit process

We process permit applications every week. Applications submitted during Thursday will be processed immediately the following week. Deficiencies found and observations made in the permit processing are reported in a statement at Lupapiste. The observations are directed to the planner who, as a professional, is able to supplement the application. The deficiencies observed in permit processing can be supplemented until the end of the week and until 9:00 on Monday. Permits supplemented by then will be processed further the same week. Once the deficiencies and observations have been rectified, permission may be granted. The permit decisions are published on the notice board of the City Council building and on the Permit decisions page of building control on the day following the decision.

The most common issues related to the delay of a building permit are the absence of a competent planner, overriding observations made during the processing and missing consultations with neighbours. It is important that all parties with the holding rights to the plot, such as spouses, are applicants on the permit application. The same issues should also be taken into account when hearing neighbours.

Regional divisions of permit processors

Central area

Building projects involving the building of a civil defence shelter

Building Inspector Ilkka Korhonen

Row houses and more demanding building projects

Inspection Architect Kari Jäkkö

Single-family houses and similar building projects and related planning permissions

Building Permit Engineer Mikko Luukkonen

Rural area

Eastern rural areas, Vehmersalmi, Riistavesi, Nilsiä, Juankoski

Building Permit Engineer Niko Karvonen

Western rural areas, Karttula, Kurkimäki, Maaninka

Building Permit Engineer Hannu Korhonen


Suonenjoki Building Inspector Mika Kimonen

Permit holders’ area of responsibility map (pdf, in Finnish)

Ilkka Korhonen

Building Inspector

On-call: Friday 10:30–14:00

+358 44 718 5172

Kari Jäkkö

Inspection Architect

On-call: Friday 8:00–10:30

+358 44 718 5175

Mikko Luukkonen

Building permit engineer

On-call: Wednesday 11:30–15:30

+358 44 718 5196

Niko Karvonen

Building permit engineer

On-call: Thursday 8:00–11:30

+358 44 718 5179

Hannu Korhonen

Building permit engineer

On-call: Thursday 11:30–15:30

+358 44 718 5180

Mika Kimonen

Suonenjoki Building Inspector

+358 40 594 6452