Need for building permits

Punaisia loma-asuntoja saaressa. Jäätynyt järvi ja kaislikkoa edustalla.

Most of the permits related to construction are granted by building control services.

Building permit and planning permission

A building permit is required for the implementation of many different construction projects. A building permit must be applied for before starting work. The need for a building and a planning permit is based on the Land Use and Building Act. Building and planning permits are granted for construction in accordance with the city plan. If your project does not comply with the master plan or the city plan that affects the area, consider whether the project can be implemented in accordance with the zoning. Deviations from the plan are granted by the planner. Construction and action permits are granted by regional building control services in Kuopio.

Projects implemented without building permits

Some of the measures do not require building permits or official supervision. Even if the implementation of the action does not require a permit, the construction must be carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations in force. The laws and regulations are valid even if the authorities do not require permits. If you are not sure whether your project needs a permit, please contact building control.

Building demolition

In order to demolish a building, a permit is required in the city plan area and in the master plan area, if the master plan so stipulates. In addition, a permit is required if the building can be considered historically or architecturally valuable. The permit is not required for the demolition of an outbuilding or a small building. The demolition of such a building is handled by means of a demolition notification.

Consultation request

If you are wondering whether your project needs a permit or if you have any documents on the basis of which you would like to discuss with the permit authority, you can submit a consultation request through the Lupapiste service. In smaller matters, you can also call us directly.

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