Construction phase

Rakennettava kerrostalo ja nostokurki kuvattuna taivasta vasten

The building project involves a wide range of responsibilities, documentation and monitoring of progress. As a rule, all of this cooperation takes place in the Lupapiste service, where the parties operating in the project will be invited in the early stages and documents that must be filed in accordance with the law are finally archived. As a rule, communication between the parties involved in the project and building control takes place in the service.

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Instructions for using the Lupapiste service are provided in the system’s own user instructions.

The successful completion of the building project ensures that all parties fulfil their responsibilities and, for example, submit the documents required in the permit decision in time to the Lupapiste service. This way, cooperation between the authorities operates smoothly and the authorities can, through their supervision, ensure the successful completion of the project.

Ordering the inspections

Review the project status with your supervisor. The supervisor orders the inspection in the Lupapiste service from the inspection / HVAC engineer by e-mail or telephone. An inspection must be ordered well in advance for it to be carried out in the appropriate work stage. The appropriate time for ordering the inspection is no later than two weeks before the desired inspection date.

When ordering the inspection, make sure that:

  • The project is at the stage where the inspection can be carried out.
  • Lupapiste service is up to date with regard to the parties and plans related to the project.
  • All documents required for the inspection are available.
  • The construction inspection document has been duly completed.

Contact details of inspection engineers

Kari Pasanen

Inspection Engineer

On-call: Monday 8:00–11:30

+358 44 718 5181

Risto Kirjavainen

Inspection Engineer

On-call: Tuesday 11:30–15:30

+358 44 718 5188

Pasi Manninen

Construction Supervisor, implementations

On-call: Monday 11:30–15:30

+358 44 718 5054

Henri Humala

Inspection Engineer

On-call: Wednesday 8:00–11:30

+358 44 718 5189

Heikki Kekäläinen

Inspection Engineer

On-call: Tuesday 8:00–11:30

+358 44 718 8928

Mika Kimonen

Suonenjoki Building Inspector

+358 40 594 6452

Matti Sihvonen

Inspection Engineer

+358 44 718 5177

Contact details of HVAC engineers

Inspection reservations and contacts primarily by e-mail to rakennusvalvonta.lvi(at)

Jussi Kääriäinen

HVACE Engineer

+358 44 718 5187

Tomi Toivonen

HVAC Engineer

+358 44 718 5178