House plots

Kolme omakotitaloa keväisessä rinteessä.

The city opens for applying around 30 new single-family house plots every year. New plots are usually available in spring and/or autumn. Otherwise, single-family house plots available for rent and sale at a fixed price can be applied for in the continuous application process. Plots that are in continuous application have not been allocated during the application period for new plots or are plots that have returned from reservation or rental. A few single-family house and office plots are also available in the continuous application process.

Applying for new plots

According to current plans, new single-family house plots for rental will be available for applying in autumn 2023. Decisions have not yet been made on the plots to be applied for and on their date of transfer. More information on the matter will be provided closer to the application period.

Single-family house plots for continuous application

There are single-family house plots for continuous application round the year. Plots can be applied for both in the central urban area and in rural areas. More detailed information on the plots can be found in the city’s map service. Plots are applied for electronically using the application form (e-form). A plot application can only be made for one plot.

Urban plots


Plots in rural communities

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