Food business

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A food business is a company whose activities relate to the different stages of food production, processing and distribution. A food business usually needs a physical location for its operation, which is referred to as food premises. Food premises refers to a building, premises or part thereof indoors or outdoors where food intended to be sold or otherwise conveyed is manufactured, stored, kept for sale, served or otherwise handled.

You must, as a rule, register your food business no later than four weeks prior to commencement of operations or material change in them. If foods of animal origin are handled on your food premises before being delivered for retail sale, you must apply for approval for your premises. In connection with the application, you must present your company’s own-check plan to the supervisory authority.

The operator ensures that the food premises comply with the requirements of the current food legislation. However, it is advisable to contact the Environmental Health Services already at the planning stage of the premises and activities, enabling us to provide advice and guidance regarding the premises and activities as well as the own-check requirements.

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We have collected additional sources of information on starting a food business and the requirements laid down in food legislation for activities and premises.

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