Primary production

Multaisia perunoita perunan nostajan kädessä.

Primary production includes:
• milk and egg production
• rearing of beef cattle
• fishing and fish farming
• cultivation of vegetables, fruit, cereals and mushrooms
• honey production
• picking wild berries and fungi
• hunting

More information about primary production

Finnish Food Authority

Notification of primary production site

A primary production operator active in Kuopio region must notify their primary production site to the City of Kuopio’s Environmental Health Services. Notifications are processed free of charge.

Primary production notifications do not need to be submitted of hunting, supply of wild game to consumers or the collection of wild plants, fungi or sap, for example. Neither does a notification need to be submitted of the primary production of plants and fungi if the operator is a private individual or the activity cannot be considered a business.

Regarding wild game, it should be remembered the primary production product is game with fur or feathers left on that may have been gutted, rather than the meat.

Use the attached form to submit a notification of primary production.

Notification of primary production site (pdf)

En­vi­ron­men­tal Health Services

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