3D city model

The 3D city model is a three-dimensional presentation of the city and its surroundings. You can view the model in the Kunta3D service both with a smartphone and a web browser. The frame at the bottom of the page allows you to try the Kunta3D service immediately. You can freely move around in the service and see well-known places and buildings, such as the Puijo Tower and the passenger harbour. The service features development projects and sample materials to which you can add comments and make your own suggestions. 

Applications of the 3D city model 

The city model is an important tool in urban planning. The illustrations made with the help of the model promote decision-making and make it easier for residents, companies and communities to see how plans change the environment. City model data has been applied in solar energy analyses, surveys on urban morphology, assessments on flora coverage, cityscape analyses and the determination of building heights. 

Building models are based on an open standardised information format (CityGML), which enables the description of general elements of an urban environment, such as buildings. Building models contain information about buildings, such as the year of construction and the purpose of its use. The model also contains information on the elevation, aerial photography and flora in different information formats. For example, flora is represented as a point cloud. 

The 3D building models for Kuopio can be downloaded via the open data website. 

Try out the Kunta3D service: