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Kuopio Map Service is a comprehensive information service for geographic data maintained by the city’s various branches of administration

The map service is a viewing service for data and materials. In addition to the traditional guide map and address search, it also contains services produced by the city and private entities and their locations, as well as various map and spatial data materials, such as plans and planning regulations, construction method instructions, property boundaries and property identifiers, for which you can choose the type of map you want as a background. 

Geographic data are digital map and register data in which the target location is associated with location information and information describing its characteristics. A more detailed description of the data is available in the Map Service via the info link for the data in question. 

In the guide map, details such as address numbering have been reduced and generalised, emphasising the significance of the nomenclature and the address book. It has also been necessary to generalise the road network and intersections in order to illustrate route connections. 

You can also use the map to measure distances and create map links to be embedded or linked to, for example, your own website. 

The selected materials can be used to print or download, for example, maps and documents related to sites for minor private use. The use or publication of the materials as a printed product requires the approval of the terms and conditions of use of the materials and the use of the copyright marking. 

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Kuopio map service 

You can find the Kuopio map service at 

  • Kunta3D map service 

Get to know the Kuopio 3D map service. For more information on 3D city modelling, visit the 3D city modelling page

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Service e-mail for the geographic data services 

Service e-mail for the geographic data services