Digital map data

Some of the Kuopio map datasets are open data and are available free of charge through the WMS service and the service. 

Materials in file formats used by planners can be ordered for a fee. Modified map material that meets your needs can be ordered by e-mail ( or by e-form using the links in the e-form list below. 

The price list of the materials can be downloaded from here ( pdf In Finnish)
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As a rule, the disclosure of open and paid materials takes place in the ETRS-GK27 coordinate system and only in the N2000 elevation system (Kuopio coordinate system

Kuopio Map Service offers an opportunity to view and print digital map materials and download related documents for minor private use. The descriptions of the data are read from the Geospatial Data Directory of the National Land Survey of Finland. 

The user of spatial data sets distributed on the websites of the City of Kuopio and the services connected to them accepts the terms and conditions related to the data. 

The terms of use of the materials can be found here (pdf in Finnish)
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The image below shows the coloured laser scanning data for 2022

Service e-mail for the geographic data services