Green and recreation area planning

Ilmakuva kesäisen vehreästä Hapelähteenpuistosta.

The planning of parks and green and recreation areas creates a comfortable and attractive urban environment, a green city, that supports well-being.  In our work, we take into account the promotion of biodiversity and other challenges brought by climate change, as well as resource wisdom. 

The planning of parks, green areas, playgrounds and local sports facilities and other public areas in the City of Kuopio is the responsibility of green and recreation area planning. The street environment is designed as part of street planning.  

Green and recreation area planning is responsible for planning the city’s outdoor sports facilities and harbour areas.  

Open green space planning is connected to different stages of urban planning: general land use planning, green area planning for large entities and construction planning of individual green areas. 

Green service programmes concerning the plans and service network of green areas or parks are drawn up for green services.  

Use and management plans for green areas are drawn up for new zoned areas as part of the town plan process. Open space planning also participates in the planning of the Kuopio National Urban Park. 

Inclusion and decision-making

In the early stages of planning, the residents and property owners of the neighbouring area will be informed of the start of the planning work. For example, resident surveys, meetings with neighbourhood associations and information and discussion events are organised at major planning sites. 

Upon completion of the plan proposal, the Board shall approve the general plan for viewing, and the proposal shall be available for viewing for at least 14 days. The availability for viewing will be announced in the local newspaper and by letter to properties and key stakeholders bordering the area. Public events will be organised at major sites. Participants have the right to make a reminder about the proposal before the end of the viewing period. Municipal residents can familiarise themselves with the plan proposal on the website of the City of Kuopio and in the customer service of the Service Area for Urban Environment at Suokatu 42. 

Based on the approved general plan, a construction plan will be drawn up to specify the design solutions, on the basis of which the site can be built. 


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