Street area planning

Savilahden rampilta ajetaan liikenneympyrään.

The planning and construction of streets is regulated in the Land Use and Building Acts. The street plan must present the use of the street area for different purposes, as well as the adaptation of the street to the environment and the effects on the environment.  

The street plan must indicate the street’s traffic arrangements, drainage and rainwater management, the elevation of the street and the surface material as well as, if necessary, plantings and permanent structures and equipment.  

Confirmed street plans can be ordered via e-mail.  

Resident participation

In the early stages of planning, property owners along the street have the opportunity to discuss the starting points of the street plan with the planners. Information and discussion events are organised at major sites.  

The Urban Structure Board approves the plan for visibility. The street plan proposal is kept available for public viewing for at least 14 days.  

Availability for viewing will be announced on the city’s website, in local newspapers and by letter to properties bordering the street. The participants have the right to submit a complaint about the proposal. The complaint must be submitted to the municipality before the expiry of the viewing period.  

Municipal residents can familiarise themselves with the plan proposal on the website of the City of Kuopio and in the customer service of the Service Area for Urban Environment at Suokatu 42.  

If no complaints have been submitted to the plan by the deadline, the planning manager approves the plan. Otherwise, the plan will be submitted to the Planning Director for approval and, if necessary, to the Urban Structure Board. 



Municipal engineering planning

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