Excavation permits and permits for area use

Aidoilla rajattu katutyömaa-alue

Work on streets and other public areas may not be carried out without the permission of the City. Any work carried out in public areas managed by the City must be subject to a fee granted by the City. The exceptions are sudden repairs that are necessary to prevent significant damage. 

Work subject to a permit includes: 

  • construction and repair work on properties, if the area is defined as a part of the street or public area 
  • placement of municipal technology in general areas 
  • buildings’ water supply, electricity, district heating and sewerage connections 
  • street scaffolding 
  • street lifting 
  • short-term storage of construction materials, supplies and snow and placement of pallets on the street or other public area, for example 
  • storage of site facilities on the street or other public area 

Removing snow from the roof does not require applying for a street work permit. However, a notification must be submitted by email to the service e-mail of the maintenance services at kunnossapito@kuopio.fi

Unannounced snowfall work can be considered unauthorised street work, for which a fee is charged in accordance with the operating license price list.

Contact details of Maintenance services and urban engineering 

Suokatu 42 

PO Box 1097, 70111 Kuopio 


Janne Heikkinen 

Area Manager 

Urban engineering / maintenance / city centre and northern area 

+358 44 718 5200 


Antti Partanen 

Area Manager 

Urban engineering / maintenance / southern and western area 

+358 44 718 5676 


Juhani Rossinen 

Area Manager 

Public work / maintenance services / rural areas 

+358 44 718 5726