Environmental permit

An environmental permit must be issued for activities that pose a risk of environmental pollution. Under the Environmental Protection Act, a permit application must be submitted to the municipal environmental protection authority for certain activities. Activities subject to a permit include, for example, forestry, metal and chemical industry, energy production and fish farming. The activities subject to a permit are listed in Appendix 1 to the Environmental Protection Act.

The processing of a permit under the Environmental Protection Act is subject to a fee approved by the City of Kuopio’s Environmental and Building Board.

The application for an environmental permit is submitted in writing to the permit authority specified in the Environmental Protection Decree. The Environmental and Building Board acts as the environmental protection authority of the City of Kuopio. Regional environmental protection services operate under the authority of the Board, to which the Board has delegated its powers in a number of permit and supervision matters related to environmental protection.

The permit application and the necessary appendices must be submitted electronically via the Lupapiste.fi service or by using the forms provided by the environmental administration.

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