Pensioners’ well-being pass (gym and swimming pool)

Pensioners’ well-being pass is intended for those who have a pension decision (retirement pensioners, unemployment pensioners, and disability pensioners) and for persons aged 65 or over. The pass entitles to unlimited use of the swimming pools and gym services and the Kuopio Hall indoor running track. Passes are sold at sports hall sales points. 

To buy a pass, you must present your pension decision or pensioner’s card. 

Prices: 6-month pass EUR 47.50, 12-month pass EUR 83. The benefit is added to the Kuopio in Motion wristband, which can bought for EUR 7.90. The pass is valid from the date of purchase. 

Tahko Spa’s pensioners’ well-being card from 1 January 2023

  • 12-month card: EUR 83, 6-month card: EUR 47.50.
  • Seasonal card for people with long-term illnesses EUR 83
  • Well-being passes for the staff of the City of Kuopio / city-owned companies: 12-month pass EUR 88.50, 6-month pass EUR 50.50.

The card can be purchased from TahkoSpa, and it is only valid for TahkoSpa – but you can visit the spa as many times as you like. The card does not give access to the TahkoSpa gym. The card is valid for one year / half a year from the purchase date.