Sports for senior citizens

ihmisiä uimassa.

Guided groups and introductory gym courses for senior citizens 

About the groups and enrolment 

The sports groups organised by the City of Kuopio are intended for senior citizens and those with long-term illnesses. There are gym groups and keep-fit classes as well as lighter water exercise and chair workout groups. The groups meet around the city, rural areas included (listed under their own heading). Remember to bring your own exercise mat for the keep-fit classes. 

The groups are guided by the sports instructors of the City of Kuopio. 

There are two alternative enrolment methods: 

1. Electronic enrolment at

2. Enrolment by phone, call the sports instructors at +358 44 718 2509 or +358 44 748 2363. If the groups have already started for the spring season, you can ask the instructors if you can still join the group. Residents participate in the sports groups organised by the City at their own risk. We recommend taking out accident insurance. The groups are open to everyone, and membership of any organisation is not required. 

Season fee: EUR 30 per person per group, 13 sessions. 

The well-being pass for senior citizens is required for the water exercise groups and gym groups held in recreation centres. The price of the pass is EUR 47.50 for 6 months or EUR 83 for 12 months. Alternatively, you can purchase the 12-month recreation centre pass for EUR 50. Passes can be purchased at the Kuntolaakso, Lippumäki and Kuopio Hall cash counters. 

The access is added to your Kuopio in Motion pass, which can be purchased for EUR 7.90. The validity period begins on the date of purchase. The City of Kuopio reserves the right to price amendments in its course offering. 

For more information, please contact

Carita Randelin-Kauppinen

Sports instructor/Senior citizens

+358 44 718 2509

Petra Haverinen

Sports instructor/Senior citizens

+358 44 748 2363

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