Mental health

Mental health services for adults (20–64 years)

For mental health problems the primary assistance is given by your medical care team in health care. If necessary, the team will issue a referral for psychiatric nurse or Kuopio Psychiatric Centre.
The Centre is maintained by the city of Kuopio and the Hospital District of Northern Savo, providing psychological outpatient and rehabilitation services for citizens of working age.

Mental health services for patients over the age of 64 are provided by Kuopio University Hospital in Geropsychiatry Outpatient Clinic.
To be admitted for treatment, patients always need a referral from a doctor at the health centre. Treatment and rehabilitation starts with a short-term counselling period, during which a plan for treatment and rehabilitation is mutually agreed upon. The plan can include individual, family, couple or group therapy and rehabilitation counselling, occupational therapy and medical treatment.

Kuopio Psychiatric Centre
Kotkankallionkatu 14 and Viestikatu 1-3, 3. floor, 70600 Kuopio
017 175 190 or
017 175 340
fax 017 175 943

Sihti reception for adolescents (13–22 years)

The Sihti Centre is intended for adolescents aged from 13 to 22, who live or study in Kuopio. Help and support is available on issues that are related, for example, to growing up and general mental health problems. Go to Sihti, if you are having problems at school, studying, or in human relations. A young person's concerns will be discussed and the need for further examination and treatment assessed.

You can visit Sihti up to 5-10 times, free of charge. The frequency of visits depends on the individual situation. When necessary, assessing the treatment of minors includes meetings with the parents of a youngster. The staff working at Sihti consists of a health care nurse, a psychiatric nurse, a psychologist and a doctor.

To visit Sihti, you don’t need a doctor’s referral. Make an appointment over the telephone, 044 718 1078 or at

Sihti reception for children and adolescents
Tulliportinkatu 15, I stairwell, 4th floor (entrance from Maaherrankatu)
If you have to use elevator, use the following entrance: Tulliportinkatu 15, H stairwell, 4th floor

044 718 1078
Mon–Thu 12 noon–1 pm

Mental health services for children and adolescents
Kaartokatu 9 A 1, 70620 Kuopio
017 183 650
fax 017 186 346

Mental health services for adolescents (13–19 years)

Mental health services for adolescents provide assistance in situations in which the balanced development of a young person is disturbed.  Problems can appear at home, school or a degree place.

There are 3 psychologist, 2 social workers and 1 doctor who is specialized in adolescent psychology working at the Adolescent Mental Health Unit. Treatment includes individual, family and/or network therapy.

Patients need a referral from doctor when visiting the Adolescent Mental Health Unit.  A referral can be acquired from a school doctor, student health care doctor, personal doctor in health care or Sihti reception for adolescents.

Mental health services for children (0–12 years)

Mental health services for children provide assistance in situations in which the normal development of a child is disturbed. Difficulties may emerge at home, kindergarten, preschool or school.

There are 2 psychologist, 1 social worker and 1 doctor, who is specialized in children psychology, working at the Children Mental Health Unit. Treatment includes individual, family and/or network therapy.

You need to have a doctor's referral when visiting the mental health unit. A referral can be acquired from the maternity clinic’s doctor, a school doctor or the family counselling clinic.

Developmental and Family Counselling Clinic

Developmental and family counselling is provided for children at the age of 0-12 and their families.

For more information about the services of the Family counselling clinic, please go to the web site of Child health and maternity clinics: