Kuopio Symphony Orchestra

The Kuopio Symphony Orchestra continues its 100 year tradition of serving the inhabitants of Kuopio as well as those of the entire province.  The beginning of Kuopio's orchestra activity is credited to violinist Adolf Johannes Hällström, an assistant doctor at the province’s hospital, who founded a trio ensemble in 1909. It is today the largest symphony orchestra in Eastern Finland, made up of 48 professional musicians.  

The home of the orchestra is the Kuopio Music Centre Concert Hall, where most of its concerts are held. In addition, the orchestra visits regularly in different sizes and compositions e.g. kindergartens, schools, nursing homes, hospitals and various companies in Kuopio and across the province.

In addition to the symphony concert, there are plenty of different entertainment and chamber music concerts, performed for different age groups in different musical styles.

The orchestra is also actively involved in art education for children and young people. In addition, the orchestra invited Kuopio children born in 2017 to become their godchildren by organising an annual programme for them. The previous godchild project was organised 2009-2016. The KSO also collaborates with local music classes and choirs as well as the students of the Lumit (the Kuopio Senior High School of Arts). In addition, the orchestra regularly collaborates with the music institutes operating in the Kuopio Music Centre.

Cooperation with other professional orchestras and choirs around Finland is also an essential part of the orchestra's activities.  One of the long-term partners is the Savonlinna Opera Festival.  During the last decade, Kuopio Symphony Orchestra has also appeared outside Finland’s borders in Japan, Sweden, Denmark, China and Austria.

The Kuopio Symphony Orchestra and the Kuopio Music Centre have also played a key role in the Kuopio Opera's productions. The orchestra has recorded for Finlandia Records company and for the Japanese company, Octavia Records.

Since August 2018, Kuopio Symphony Orchestra’s chief conductor has been Jaakko Kuusisto and 2nd Conductor, Atso Almila. The orchestra's honorary conductor is Jorma Panula.

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Kuopionlahdenkatu 23
70100 Kuopio
Fax 017 182 373
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Office staff Office staff

Katariina Kummala
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Producer - Publicity Manager
Elina Prepula
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Orchestra Secretary
Elina Kasurinen
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