Facilities for sale or rent

Facility Services manage the ca. 500 buildings or premises owned by the City of Kuopio. With such a large number of buildings, there are inevitably some that need to be abandoned as operations and services develop.

Persons responsible for Kuopion Tilapalvelut’s customer relationships

The persons responsible for Kuopion Tilapalvelut’s customer relationships act as contact persons and representatives for their own customer groups. They serve you in all matters related to the rental and contract of premises.

Social sector and rescue service buildings Kuopio

Account Manager Auvo Vilpponen, tel. +358 44 718 5255 auvo.vilpponen@kuopio.fi

Service for growth and learning, schools, daynurserys and youth facilities

Account Manager Simo Hiltunen, tel. +358 44 718 5248, simo.hiltunen@kuopio.fi

Welfare, vitality- and concern services /buildings and urban environment servicearea

Account Manager Jorma Matinniemi, tel.+358 44 718 8912, jorma.matinniemi@kuopio.fi

Currently for sale

  • Jönköping day-care centre, tenancy right to the property 297-9-24-17, Sotilaspojankatu 6, 70500 Kuopio
  • Historic main building and yard of a farm, a parcel of the property 297-426-8-130, Teerintie 15, 70870 Hiltulanlahti
  • Industrial hall and two plots 499-15-323, 297-499-15-324, Simolantie 3, 73300 Nilsiä
  • Juankoski Youth Hostel, tenancy right to the property 174-401-4-210, Juankoskentie 10, 73500 Juankoski
  • Juankoski old foundry and the plot 174-401-4-284, Juankoskentie 11a, 73500 Juankoski
  • Juankoski business house and the plot 174-401-4-332, Poikkitie 2, Juankoski
  • Share in a row house, 2 rooms+kitchenette+sauna+bathroom, 65 m2, As Oy Riistaveden Lokkitie, Lokkitie 7 as 5, 71160 Riistavesi
  • Nursing home Päivilä (row houses B, C and D) and a parcel of the property 476-402-12-462, Ollintie 16, 71750 Maaninka
  • Jukola activity centre and a parcel from the property 476-402-12-3, Maaningantie 36, 71750 Maaninka
  • Row house, counselling centre and a parcel of the property 476-402-12-227, Satamatie 7

Property development expert
responsible for property development and sales

Kai Andersin, tel. +358 44 718 5244, kai.andersin@kuopio.fi

Soon coming for sale

  • Day-care centre Haukankaari, tenancy right to the property 297-32-23-2, Haukan-kaari 4, 70820 Kuopio
  • Maaninka old bus station and a parcel of the property 476-402-12-462, Maaningantie 43, 71750 Maaninka
  • Maaninka business manor and a parcel of the property 476-402-3-119, Eerontie 13, 71750 Maaninka
  • Day-care centre Tarinatahko and plot 297-50-142-1, Uitintie 57, 73300 Nilsiä
  • Haapaniemi old day-care centre and plot 297-8-16-1, Tasavallankatu 8 A, 70620 Kuopio

Facilities for rent

Facility services is responsible for properties owned and administered by the City of Kuopio. Facility services’ account manager are responsible for the development and renting of facilities in the service areas.

Property development expert Kai Andersin is
responsible for renting the facilities, tel. 358 44 718 5244, kai.andersin(at)kuopio.fi