Projects and procurements

The Facility Services of the City of Kuopio plan and steer construction projects. On this page we will introduce some of the most important projects. Based on their current stage, they are divided into project planning, design, under construction, and completed.


Project planning stage

  • Hatsala schoool
  • Saarikello day-care centre
  • Early childhood education and care in the city centre

Project planning / design stage

  • Pyörö day-care centre
  • Pirtti school
  • Jynkkä day-care centre
  • Facility arrangement for pre-primary education and youth services at Jynkkä
  • Länsi-Puijo day-care centre
  • Keskuskenttä football stadium

Under construction


  • Lippumäki rock shelter alterations
  • Länsi-Puijo school additional facilities
  • Kuopion Taidelukio upper secondary school
  • Niirala school renovation
  • Alava day-care centre in the city centre
  • Mölymäki temporary day-care centre
  • Kurkimäki modular day-care centre
  • Syväniemi school and day-care centre
        • Riistavesi school


        The Facility Services of the City of Kuopio organises property services for facilities owned and administered by the City and is responsible for planning the City facilities’ construction and renovation projects, managing the planning, and construction.

        Goods, services, and contracts are procured from the private sector. Procurements are in compliance with public procurement legislation (procurement guidelines) and the City of Kuopio guidelines.