Indoor air issues at the City’s premises

High-quality indoor air in the City’s premises is an essential factor on the wellbeing and comfort of personnel and other users of the premises. Good indoor air increases work productivity and improves learning outcomes in schools, for example. Indoor air quality is a common concern for all users of premises, and everyone can influence it.

Solving indoor air issues can be a long-term and complex process involving several parties. A suspected indoor air problem may come to the City’s attention from the city organisation or from other users of the premises.

How to proceed when you suspect or notice a problem

If you suspect that a building harms the indoor air quality, notify the head of the service unit of the building in question, such as the school principal, the head of the assisted living facility, etc. It is their duty to pass on the information in accordance with the City of Kuopio guidelines concerning indoor air. Further instructions for the employees of the City of Kuopio can be found on the City’s intranet.

The City of Kuopio indoor air issues are the responsibility of a city-level indoor air group, which reports on the City’s indoor air issues to the City Board and the cooperation committee. The permanent members of the indoor air group are the occupational safety and health manager, the facility director, the maintenance manager, the building health expert, the occupational health care senior physician, the environmental health inspector, and two occupational safety representatives.

Indoor air guidelines of the City of Kuopio

Sisäilmayhdistys ry (Finnish indoor air association)