Quality of life in Kuopio

Satama iltavalaistuksessaan: Kallavesi, veneitä ja taustalla siintävät kaupunginvalot.
With its nearly 123,000 residents, Kuopio is just the right size to offer a perfect setting for quality living. The City is a safe, functional, and pleasant place, where the purity of nature is ubiquitous in the everyday life of an ordinary person. Quality of life is built on the balance between everyday life, work, studies, and leisure time.

“Kuopio residents consider the pleasant and safe environment, location, and practical traffic connections to be their city's greatest strengths.”

In Kuopio, each resident can build a living environment to suit them, consisting of the right balance between nature and the city, life and work, growth and safety, as well as international and local aspects. Nature is close, there is time to relax after work, everyday life is meaningful. Year after year, Kuopio holds a top position in national surveys measuring resident satisfaction and city image. This is well in line with Kuopio’s goal of being the capital of good life in 2030.