Types of housing and residential areas

An open atmosphere and communality are at the heart of Kuopio. Surveys indicate that the residents of Kuopio are generally quite content. Proximity to the nature and the suitable size of the city support healthy everyday choices. The distances are short, and many of the city’s neighbourhoods are close to the water. Enjoyable and safe residential areas and meeting places are built by involving and listening to the residents – the residents themselves are at the centre of their way of life. 

In Kuopio everything is near, and all the services of the city centre are accessible on foot or by bike. Short distances and diverse forms of housing also support people in all walks of life: everyday life with children can be more comfortable in the peaceful countryside, but you may wish to spend your retirement in the bustling city – or vice versa. 


Finns dream of living in a single-family house by the water, in the vicinity of the city, in peace and quiet, according to a survey commissioned by S-Bank in 2018. In Kuopio, that dream can become true. Lake Kallavesi, the tenth largest lake in Finland, wraps around the city, guaranteeing proximity to water for nearly all residents. Population growth is concentrated on the southern parts of the city, which house around one fifth of all residents in the Kuopio region. 

In Kuopio you can find residential areas for everyone. Wherever in Kuopio you choose to make your home, the peacefulness of nature and the bustle of a city are combined into a harmonious whole – you can mix and match as you please. In Kuopio, you can live your best life in the jovial Savonian way.

The urban centre of Kuopio consists of several distinctive neighbourhoods. Below are descriptions of the areas where several neighbourhoods have been combined. Explore a map of the residential areas