Working culture and regional competence

People in Kuopio, just like in Finland in general, value honesty, punctuality, and equality. In Kuopio and Savo, people generally are also quite spontaneous and have a certain kind of casual talkativeness, a jovial attitude to life. A Kuopio success story is based not only on talent, but also on courage, perseverance and, above all, strong cooperation. In Kuopio, experts from different fields work together for a common goal and create a strong, growing, and mutually supportive environment. Read more about Finnish working culture: Finnish working culture 

The goal of dynamic Kuopio is to be a sustainably growing centre for a million people. The City offers unique business opportunities. There is a diverse range of expertise available in Kuopio, and that creates a path to international market. 

Companies find a continuously developing operating environment and skilled workers in Kuopio. High-quality education is available in both vocational schools and higher education institutions. Kuopio is a university city, and the University of Eastern Finland has, among other things, Finland’s most extensive education in health sciences.

“Many foreigners are astonished to find out how much expertise can be found from a city that is tiny on an international scale.”

Kuopio is a pioneer in health, environmental and wellbeing competence. The spearheads of expertise include wellbeing and health technology and emerging fields of expertise, such as ICT, robotics, cleantech, circular economy, bioeconomy, functional food, as well as specialised fields, like neuroscience. 

Security competence in Kuopio is on a high level, even by international standards. The training area of the national Emergency Services College in Kuopio is unique on a European scale. 

More information available at Business Kuopio website 

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