Local customs and memorable everyday moments

Memorable everyday moments can be found in many places: relaxing in your own outdoor sauna, a steaming cup of coffee on top of Puijo after a brisk run, meeting your friends at the Kantti hub of knowledge, stories and interaction, or an excitingly bubbling science experiment at the Children’s University.

Kuopio is easy to fall in love with, although you can’t always wrap your finger around it. The city can be felt will all your senses from the fresh morning to the beat of the night. Kuopio is an inspiring melting pot where the tranquillity of nature meets the bustling city, elite sports meet underground culture, the future of technology meets traditional crafts, and idyllic brick-and-mortar shops meet international business headquarters. In the middle of all this are inspiring people who are the heart and soul of Kuopio.


“Local customs in Kuopio are centred around living by the water, summer cottages, local food, and the peace of mind offered by a nice sauna.”

In Kuopio, life happens by the water. Lake Kallavesi is the tenth largest lake in Finland, and Kuopio has the luxury of 6,340 km of shoreline, including all the islands. There are around 2,000 islands.