Rental housing

Kuopio offers plenty of rental housing in different parts of the city. In recent years, many more new rental apartments have been built. Currently, there are approximately 27,000 rental apartments in Kuopio. Of these, ARAVA and interest-subsidised rental apartments (ARA apartments) account for about 9,000 apartments, and free-funded rental apartments account for about 18,000 apartments. 

On average, Arava and interest-subsidised rental housing have a more affordable rent level on average, because they were built with government support. These apartments are subject to income and wealth conditions for residents. In free-funded rental housing, the average rent per square metre is approximately two euros higher. 

There are several companies that own ARA rental apartments in Kuopio. The largest of these is the city-owned Niiralan Kulma Oy, which has around 6,000 apartments in different parts of the city. Other state-subsidised rental housing companies include M2 Kodit and A-Kruunu Oy

Niiralan Kulma Oy has plenty of ARA rental apartments as well as freely financed rental apartments. Niiralan Kulma apartments are mainly located in the Kuopio urban area, but there are also apartments in nearby areas and regional centres in Riistavesi, Vehmersalmi, Kurkimäki, Hirvilahti, Karttula, Maaninla, Nilsiä and Juankoski. Rental apartments are applied for with an electronic application through Niiralan Kulma’s website. It is also possible to apply for an apartment with a paper application. Paper applications can be obtained from the website or from the Niiralan Kulman office at Hatsalankatu 37 in Kuopio. 

From the beginning of 2022, Kiinteistö-KYS was merged into Niiralan Kulma. The apartments and residents of Kiinteistö-KYS moved to Niiralan Kulma and operations continue as one company. Applications for former Kiinteistö-KYS apartments are submitted through Niiralan Kulma’s application service. 

In Kuopio, there are also many (private and ARA properties) smaller landlords and entities that broker freely financed rental apartments. Other rentals are available on various application websites, such as Oikotie, Vuokraovi and Etuovi

City of Kuopio, Housing and service network

The Housing and Service Network unit of the City of Kuopio does not provide rental apartments. It is requested that those looking for and applying for them contact the landlords directly.

Katri Hiltunen

development manager