Housing Advisory Service

In housing, you may encounter surprising challenges and problem situations, for which support and help is available. Are you having trouble paying rent or other financial obligations for housing? Do you have challenges taking care of your home or do you need help looking for a new rental apartment? The Housing Advisory Service helps in finding solutions to the situation together with the customer. Help can also be provided for financial problems that are reflected in housing or make housing more difficult. Help and advice should be sought as early as possible to avoid major problems. 

The Housing Advisory Service is intended for everyone living in Kuopio. You can ask for help, whether you live in rental housing, owner-occupied apartments or in other forms of housing. You can get help by phone, or we can meet at the offices of the Housing Advisory Service or at your home.

The Housing Advisory Service is provided by Kuopion Setlementti Puijola 

The City of Kuopio and Kuopion Setlementti Puijola ry have entered a cooperation agreement on the Housing Advisory Service for Kuopio for 2024. The Housing Advisory Service of Kuopio includes low-threshold housing and financial advice for residents through a project funded by the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA). In addition to ARA, the service is funded by the City of Kuopio Housing and Service Network Unit and Niiralan Kulma Oy. The service is provided by Kuopion Setlementti Puijola ry, as in previous years. 

The primary goals of the Housing Advisory Service: 

  • safeguarding the continuation of housing 
  • preventing and reducing homelessness 
  • reducing housing crises, rent arrears, evictions and terminations of leases 
  • supporting and advising households in financial and life management and stabilising housing more permanently

Other parties providing housing advice: 

The housing advisory service provided by TTY Asunnot Oy also provides assistance in housing problems for its own tenants. Most of the funding for housing advice provided by TTY Asunnot Oy also comes from ARA. 

Kuopion seudun Nuorisoasunnot ry offers housing advice and housing guidance to young people from Kuopio who need special support (18–29-year-olds). If necessary, young people’s family and friends can also use the advisory service. The service is accessed via Ohjaamo Kuopio

Setlementti Puijola ry in Kuopio 

Setlementti Puijola ry, Pyörönkaari 26, 70820 Kuopio.

City of Kuopio 

Housing and Service Network 

Katri Hiltunen

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