Kuopio Integration Programme 2023

Kolme lasta istuu nurmikolla syömässä jäätelötötteröitä päässään karvahatut, joissa on I love Kuopio -pinssit.

Municipalities are legally required to have an integration programme to promote integration (Integration Act, section 32). The programme is approved by the municipal council of each municipality. The Kuopio Integration Programme 2023 is an update to the previous programme that was written and approved in 2016. The programme has been updated to meet the current requirements by reviewing material from ongoing legislative reforms and collecting comments from the responsible parties from different sectors of the city. 

The social welfare and health care services, rescue services and hospital district services of the municipalities in North Savo will be the responsibility of the wellbeing services county as of 2023. Social and health care services for refugee work will be transferred to the wellbeing services county. 

However, there is a wide range of services included in immigrant services (such as work-based immigration), which means that municipalities will continue to have a major role in the implementation of immigrant services like integration services, language courses, early childhood education and care, basic education, housing services, etc. 

Kuopio Integration Programme 2023(pdf)