Climate Policy Programme

Ilmakuva Kuopiosta, ruskaisia puita ja kaupunkimaisemaa

The climate goals of the City of Kuopio are set out in the city’s Climate Policy Programme “Climate Smart Kuopio – Carbon neutrality by 2030”. The programme aims at carbon neutrality, which means that the city’s activities produce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere only to the extent that it can bind them.

The city’s climate work is centred around a concern over the scarcity of natural resources and climate change, which force societies around the world to become more efficient and reduce their emissions. The city’s climate work aims at the sustainable well-being of humans and nature and a balanced economy.

Climate action is promoted in six areas

The City of Kuopio’s Climate Policy Programme focuses on actions that the city can take to achieve carbon neutrality. The actions included in the programme are divided into five areas:

  • Energy production and consumption
  • Mobility and urban structure
  • Agriculture and food
  • Consumption and material flows
  • Forestry and carbon sinks

In addition to the carbon neutrality targets, the programme includes a plan for climate change mitigation and adaptation. The Climate Policy Programme steers the planning and implementation of climate measures by the City of Kuopio and supports the city’s strategic objectives for achieving resource wise consumption. The actual measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are defined in the city’s Resource Wisdom Programme.

Climate action progress is regularly monitored

The achievement of the objectives of the Climate Policy Programme is monitored as part of the monitoring of Kuopio’s resource wisdom objectives and programme. The Kuopio Resource Wisdom Programme steering group and the city board are responsible for monitoring the programme. Kuopio’s greenhouse gas emissions are also regularly monitored.


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Mari Turunen

Environmental Specialist, Energy Advisor

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Environmental Specialist