Valtti youth sports project for adapted physical activity

The City of Kuopio continues to take part in the Valtti programme coordinated by the Finnish Paralympic Committee in 2023.

The goal of the Valtti programme is to find a physical hobby for 6 to 23-year-old children and young people with disabilities or special needs. The application period for the Valtti programme is 1 March – 30 April, and the activity try-outs are primarily arranged in autumn 2023. In Kuopio, the Valttis, or personal adapted physical activity instructors (PAPAI), are physiotherapy students at Savonia University of Applied Sciences.

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The programme begins with the Valtti and the client getting to know each other. After that, the Valtti will arrange 4 hobby try-outs for their client. Valtti goes to the try-outs with their client as their friend and supporter.

The families will only pay for the try-outs and their related expenses, other than that, the programme is free of charge.

What is the Valtti programme and what does it give to the participating families?

In this video, two families share their experiences of the Valtti programme. In Finnish: (duration: 2:57), in Swedish:

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Sports instructor/Adapted physical activity

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