Adapted physical activity groups for children and young people

The City of Kuopio’s adapted physical activity groups are meant for children and young people who, due to their disability, illness, limited functional capacity, or social circumstances, find it difficult to participate in publicly available sports groups and whose guidance requires adaptation and special expertise from the instructor. The groups are also intended for individuals with delayed motor development or need for support in mobility, social skills, or concentration. Those who require extensive support can participate together with a personal assistant or support person. The price of the course is EUR 30 for 13 guided sessions.

Sporttaajat and Spurttaajat groups 

Mondays, Ala-Pyörö school 

17:00–17:45 Sporttaajat 1 (5–7-year-olds) 

18:00–18:45 Sporttaajat 2 (8–10-year-olds) 

Wednesdays, Snellman school 

17:00–17:45 Sporttaajat 1 (5–7-year-olds) 

18:00–18:45 Sporttaajat 2 (8–10-year-olds) 

The Sporttaajat (“Sporters”) and Spurttaajat (“Spurters”) groups are meant for practising basic motor skills with the help of obstacle courses, games and play. Joyful physical activity also supports the child’s social skills and ability to concentrate and tolerate disappointments. 

Sporttiskerho sports group 

Lasten Sporttiskerho from KUOPIOKANAVA on Vimeo.



At the clubs’ own facilities 

Sporttiskerho visits local sports clubs to see what kinds of activities they have to offer. The group is intended for children and young people aged between 10 and 18 who have sensory, developmental, or physical disabilities or neurological disorders. 

The clubs provide the instruction during the visits, but there are also several instructors present from the organising party. Sporttiskerho is organised in collaboration with the Mäntykangas Centre for Learning and Consulting, Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Savo Vocational College, and Tatu ry.

Vauhtisankarit group 

Starts on 25 January 2023 



Martti Ahtisaari school 

VauhtiSankarit (“Speed Heroes”) is a versatile sports group where children’s skills, abilities and strengths are promoted through physical activity and culture. The group is intended for children aged 7–12 who need support. Pupils from other schools are welcome to join the group, too. 

The group is organised by the City of Kuopio’s Sports and cultural services in collaboration with the Vauhti! project, Sanataidekoulu Aapeli, and Savonia University of Applied Sciences. 

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