Snowmobile trails

Snowmobile enthusiasts get to enjoy the extensive snowmobile trail network of the North Savo and Kuopio regions.

The current trails lead from the Kuopio urban area to Tervo, Pielavesi, Lapinlahti, Kaavi, Leppävirta and Suonenjoki. There are well-kept trails around the Tahko area as well. The trails have been properly waymarked, and there are rest stops along the trails for breaks, even for staying overnight.

The use of most of the trails is based on agreements between the landowner and the city, which means that their use is free of charge. There are also trails maintained by snowmobile clubs that are subject to a fee.

Entrepreneurs in Kuopio, Tahko and other nearby areas organise guided safaris of different lengths and for different skill levels.

Click on the trail names below to learn more about the routes.

Retkikartta service

The Retkikartta service presents the facilities and services maintained by municipalities and Metsähallitus on a map, which also works on mobile.

Retkikartta service

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