Skating rinks

The upkeep of the outdoor skating rinks will be discontinued on 18 March 2023

You can see the status of each skating rink from the list of facilities.

You can check the status of your local skating rink at the bottom of the page.

If the goal posts have been removed and the lights are off in the evening, the rink is closed.

Kuopio skating rinks are often located on school premises and nearby sports facilities. There are multiple skating rinks around the City. Unlike ice hockey rinks, skating rinks cannot be booked in advance. Anyone can use them free of charge!

The Kuopionlahti and Koulupuisto rinks have separate areas for hockey players and ice skaters. The Karttula skating tracks are located in the village, in Syvänniemi and at Pihkainmäki school. The Tahkovuori nearby sports facility in Nilsiä also has a skating rink.

Skating rinks are frozen sports grounds that are not equipped with boards. There are also several rinks equipped with boards around Kuopio, which can be used both for ice skating and playing ice hockey. Skating rinks equipped with boards are listed under Ice hockey rinks. Further information is also available under the Sports and outdoor activities section.

During the skating season, the changing rooms of the ice hockey and skating rinks are open every day 8–21.

Check the address details from each rink’s own page.

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Finland Ice Marathon

One of the most prominent skating tracks in Kuopio is the annual Finland Ice Marathon track on Lake Kallavesi. The track is freely available to everyone outside the Finland Ice Marathon event. The track follows the shoreline and is over 10 kilometres long. The track circles around the passenger harbour and Väinölänniemi. In late winter, around the time of the Finland Ice Marathon event, all schoolchildren in Kuopio also skate on the track. For up-to-date information on the track, please visit the Finland Ice Marathon website.

Finland Ice Marathon

Skating rinks in Kuopio