Kallavesi Ice Marathon

Luistelijoita ja pyöräilijöitä Kallaveden jäämaratonradalla.

The season of the ice marathon track has ended from 2024.

One of the best winter activities in Kuopio is outdoor activities on the Kallavesi ice marathon tracks. Depending to the weather conditions, tracks are created in Kallavesi at the beginning of the year and the lengths of the tracks vary. In the winter of 2024, 1 km, 2 km, 4 km and 7.5 km ice tracks were in use. Ice tracks are maintained and renovated by Mestar Oy.

You can move on ice tracks by walking, skating, cycling or kick sledding, following the direction of rotation and taking into account other users. The ice tracks are free to use for all users. The tracks start at Kuopio Matkustajasatama, where you can find equipment rental and maintenance companies as well as benches for changing equipment. There are also companies offering café, restaurant and sauna services in the area. In winter, a lean-to will be brought along the ice marathon course for use by ice skaters. Leanto is located in front of Vasikkasaari, near the Passenger Port.

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Ole hyvä ja hyväksy markkinointievästeet nähdäksesi tämän sisällön.

The Kallavesi Ice Marathon Track annually hosts one of Finland’s oldest and best-known skating events, the Finland Ice Marathon, which has been held since 1984. The event has categories and competitions for different distances and skill levels. The event gathers hundreds of participants every year, and Kuopio attracts participants from all over the world. Other events organised on the ice marathon tracks include moonlight skating, Hippo skating and Skating Week for children and schoolchildren.