Guidance counsellor

The guidance counsellor provides guidance and advice in matters related to studies and education.

If need help with your studies and developing your competence to support your job search, you can book a personal guidance appointment. 

Your guidance discussion can focus on variety of topics, such as 

  • assessing your competence 
  • educational opportunities and fields 
  • funding options for your educational/training period 
  • the educational offerings of different institutions 
  • currently available labour market training programmes 
  • advise on planning your studies and applying for studies. 

We collaborate closely with the region’s educational institutions and various networks to make it easier for you to find information on the many career-related opportunities that are available to you. 



Thursdays 13:00-15:00

Otherwise by appointment.

Torikatu 5, Kuopio 

Get in touch and book an appointment: 

Sari Multasuo 
Guidance Counsellor 
+358 44 785 4844 

Clients of the local government pilot 

If necessary, your personal coach will help you with any questions related to educational counselling and forward you to the guidance counsellor of the local government pilot. You can contact your personal coach through the contact request form in the TE Services’ Oma asiointi (My e-Services) portal.