Vocational guidance and career planning services

You can get in touch with a vocational guidance and career planning psychologist if you need help in choosing your vocation, developing your career, or if you have questions regarding your work or educational options. 

Our guidance service can help you assess your career-related aspirations, abilities, and opportunities, as well as your personal strengths and development areas. We can also help you find new methods for overcoming any potential obstacles. 

The guidance can be provided face-to-face, by phone, or via a Teams video call. Our service is available free of charge to all clients of the local government pilot.  

Clients of the local government pilot: 

If you wish to book an appointment for vocational guidance or receive more information about the service, contact your personal coach. You can contact your personal coach through the contact request form in the TE Services’ Oma asiointi (My e-Services) portal. 

Contact request form: 

TE Services My e-Services

National services for vocational guidance and career planning 

Vocational guidance and career planning services are also provided as a free national service by phone, via video call (Teams), or by writing in. The service is intended for people of all backgrounds and ages who want to find out about their career opportunities and the educational pathways available to them. 

More information about the service and instructions for booking an appointment