Interview coaching

The objective of the coaching is to help you identify your abilities and the opportunities available to you.

In the coaching, you will strengthen your understanding of your competence and strengths. You can practise preparing for interviews, presenting yourself and creating a first impression, and you will also get to participate in job interviews with different personnel service companies. You will receive comprehensive feedback on the interviews and concrete tips on the job opportunities that are available to you.  

This coaching programme is your opportunity to impress your interviewer and even find employment through your interview! 

During the coaching, you will receive personal guidance and valuable feedback to support your job search. The coaching is available flexibly throughout the year, and the process itself is carried out in 5 days within a 3-week period. The coaching is provided as individual guidance. 

The coaching will be carried out as remote or in-person guidance in Kuopio within 7 working days of your registration at the latest. A smartphone, computer or tablet and basic IT skills are sufficient for remote participation. 

Objective and benefits of the coaching 

  • Helps the client identify their personal competence, strengths and resources 
  • Develops the client’s interview and marketing skills and ability to describe their competence 
  • Supports the client in finding employment through the coaching 

Content of the job search coaching: 

  1. Competence identification discussion with the coach 
  1. Interviews with 2–3 different personnel service companies 
  1. Final discussion: feedback from the personnel service companies and follow-up plan with the coach 

Who is the coaching intended for? 

  • Clients who require individual support for seeking employment, clarifying their competence, and preparing for job interviews in North Savo at the TE Office and in local government pilot municipalities. 
  • Clients must have their job search documents in order before being referred to the service. 
  • Clients who are prepared to find employment through a personnel service company. 


You can register by filling in the registration form below. Please note, however, that registration does not automatically guarantee access to the coaching. You will be contacted by the TE Office or local government pilot. 

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