Certificate card training

The objective of the coaching is to help you identify your abilities and the opportunities available to you.

As a client of the North Savo TE Office or the local government pilot on employment, you can obtain a certificate card free of charge if: 

  • The card could improve your employment opportunities and is necessary for the job you are applying for. Your personal expert will assess the need for the card. 


  • You have completed any coaching provided by the North Savo TE Office (job search, career or job coaching) within 1 year. 


  • You have found employment at a workplace, pay subsidy location or work try-out, but you need a certificate card for your work (even if you have not completed the coaching within 1 year). 

Available certificate cards: 

  • occupational safety card (also in English) 
  • hygiene passport (also in English) 
  • alcohol passport 
  • hot work card 
  • forklift card 
  • EA1 
  • emergency first aid 
  • electrical safety card 
  • well-being at work card 

Note: the cards do not meet Traficom’s professional competence requirements for drivers. 

Date and location: 

Card training is organised by our service provider Anakom Oy. When a card order is placed from the TE Office, an Anakom representative will contact you by phone to agree on the date and location for completing the requirements for the card. However, please take into account that the card training cannot always be arranged before the beginning of your employment, especially if the work is set to begin soon.  Anakom will provide more detailed information on the card assessment options and the duration of the card training. Certain certification tests must be completed in-person, while others can be completed remotely. 

Anakom Oy: website and contact information (anakom.com/anakom/) 


You can register by filling in the registration form below. Please note, however, that registration does not automatically guarantee access to the card training. You will be contacted by the TE Office or local government pilot. 

  • Training number 711601 (necessary for registering for the card training) 

More information: 

Clients of the local government pilot: 

Your personal coach can help you with any questions related to the training. You can contact your personal coach through the contact request form in the TE Services’ Oma asiointi (My e-Services) portal.