Summer job voucher 

The City of Kuopio’s Employment Service is offering a summer job voucher to all grade 9 pupils in Kuopio. To apply for a summer job voucher, contact your educational institution. An additional 150 summer job vouchers will be made available via an online application to residents born between 2005 and 2007. You can aplly for the voucher via this page in February 2024.

The summer job voucher is designed to help young people find their first summer jobs. The voucher has been distributed since 2018.

The voucher is worth EUR 300 and is intended for employers who are looking to hire a voucher holder for the summer period between 1 May and 31 August 2024. The salary must be at least EUR 450 for a period of 2 weeks or 10 working days. The employer can be domiciled anywhere in Finland. 

Employers can post their available summer job positions on Job Market Finland. An employer can also hire a summer job worker directly through their own networks. All employers who hire a summer job voucher holder are entitled to use the Vastuullinen työnantaja 2024 (Responsible Employer 2024) logo in their marketing. 

Summer job vouchers are not granted for work commissioned by households or private individuals. Those without a valid business ID can still employ a summer worker in other ways, for example by arranging a Pikaduuni campaign. In this case, Eezy henkilöstöpalvelut will act as the young person’s official employer. 

Instructions for employing young people 

Further information 

Hanna Kepponen 

Employment Service Coordinator 

044 718 3062