Playgrounds and local sports facilities

A plentiful supply of play parks and playgrounds offers a comfortable growth environment for our city’s small and slightly bigger children as well.

The playgrounds are colourful and imaginative, but they also have room for the child's own play and creativity. For toddlers there are plenty of swings, rocking animals and multi-purpose frames. For slightly bigger children, slides can be found and swings, climbing and parkour frames as well as fitness circuits.

At local sports facilities, townspeople of all ages can enjoy exercise, both for play and competition. For example, in small game areascourts you can play floorball, football and basketball. Many local recreation area fields are frozen for winter ice skating activities.     

Local sports facilities are freely and easily accessible for use all year round. The availability caters for different age groups and places are safe and comfortable - Happy exercising!


Nearby sports facilities in Kuopio

  • Hapelähteenpuisto
    • playing field, small game areas, basketball, skating area
  • Länsi-Puijo school
    • small game area
  • Peikkometsä
    • playing field, small game area, skating area, frisbee-golf
  • Lippumäki area
    • playing field, small game areas and fields, skating areas
  • Riistavesi school
    • basket ball, tennis, skating area
  • Wrestler Eino Leino park
    • playing field, small game areas, running track, basketball, tennis, high jump area, skating area, skating rink
  • Vehmersalmi school
    • small game areas
  • Tahkovuori
    • playing field, small game areas, skating area, frisbee-golf