Prevention of substance abuse

The aim of this work is to prevent and reduce the social and health problems caused by alcohol, drugs, tobacco and other nicotine-based products, as well as gambling. All our activities are based on a law that came into effect on 1 December 2015.

In preventing the harm caused by substance abuse in Kuopio, we:

  • make a difference regarding information, attitudes and rights concerning substances
  • promote things that protect people from the harm caused by substance abuse
  • pay attention to the different ways of using substances, their social and commercial availability, the sale of substances (apart from drugs), and the harm caused by them

The following are ways in which we try to prevent substance abuse in Kuopio:

  • Local alcohol policy Pakka (community-based action to reduce alcohol-, tobacco- and gambling-related harm)
  • 'Give your child attention' courses meant for families with substance abuse problems. The goal is to give space for children's thoughts and experiences about the abuse and get feedback as well as improve child management in substance abuse families.
  • Evaluation of Kuopio's Mental Health Promotion and Substance Abuse Plan 2013–2020
  • Promoting a smoke-free Kuopio
  • National and local education, working committees, topical seminars and events

Remediation of substance abuse

In Kuopio, Päihdepalvelusäätiö, the substance abuse treatment foundation, is responsible for organizing the services for children and adolescents with substance abuse problems: The web page is available in Finnish only.

The aim of the substance abuse treatment is to prevent and reduce the social and health problems caused by substance abuse or other addictions in Kuopio and the social exclusion related to it.

To achieve this, the foundation provides treatment and rehabilitation services, expert advisory services, developing, publicity, research and awareness-raising activities.

Health Advice Centre Portti

Portti is a health advice centre where drug abusers can come anonymously and have their used needles and syringes replaced with clean ones.

In Portti, it is possible to have a vaccination against hepatitis A and B administered and to get laboratory referrals to be tested for hepatitis and HIV.

Contact Contact

Prevention of Substance Abuse
Coordinator Tiina Nykky
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Substance Abuse Foundation Substance Abuse Foundation

Substance Abuse Foundation
Substance Abuse Clinic
Suokatu 23
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Appointments for persons under 23 years:
044 718 3310
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Health Advice Centre Portti
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