The diverse nature with its lush greenery and clean lakes is the wealth of Kuopio. The natural and clean environment is one of the foundations of the Kuopio strategy.

Nature's diversity means all the diversity of living nature, the whole spectrum of life.

Diversity is the foundation of a healthy and comfortable living environment, which also gives people a clear economic benefit.  Concern over the impoverishment of biodiversity is topical right now because global biodiversity has shrunk by as much as 27% in the last 40 years.  About one quarter of European species is estimated to be in danger of extinction.

The biodiversity programme has been drawn up in co-operation with the city's actors and some outside bodies. The programme consists of the overarching objectives of the National Biodiversity Strategy.  Each of the general objectives has defined its own measures, which are implemented in areas such as land use planning and green space planning and management.