Allotment gardens

The city of Kuopio has about 300 allotment gardens, i.e. gardening plots, around the city.

The allotment cost is 21.50€ / are.

The city has cleared and marked land for rentable allotments in the area. Allotment tenants can tend their own allotments which are about 10m x 10m in size. Irrigation water is available within easy reach of nearby ponds or a lake near to which the allotments are located.

Allotment areas are situated as shown on the map (Kuopio map service).

Group allotment gardens

Kuopio has 4 group allotment garden areas and in there are some 400 garden cottages with allotments. Päiväranta and Majaniemi are the oldest areas. Later, Virranniemi and the newest area, Kolmisoppi, were established.

The allotments are about 300sq.m. and annual rent is about 80-90€. Access paths leading to the allotments have been constructed and watering points installed. There is no plumbed drainage.

Various areas have their own sauna and club facilities. Associations in the area also offer joint activities e.g. voluntary work, travel, theme days and so on.

Information on garden cottages for sale can be found on the area notice boards and from contact persons as well as magazines and estate agents.

Group garden associations take care of transfers of group allotment rental rights.

For changes to the basic design or enlargement of the cottage, the building supervision department must be contacted.