In Kuopio, the main source of environmental noise is road traffic. Approximately 35,000  citizens live in areas where the daytime noise level caused by road traffic exceeds the limit value  55 dB. Most of the people exposed to road traffic noise live in the city centre but, in addition, high noise levels occur  also along  the highway 5 as well in the vicinity of  the main roads leading to the city centre and the main streets in old residential areas.   In the 1990s and 2000s when  building the new residential areas, effective measures have been adopted  to combat road traffic noise. Noise abatement has been taken into account already in city  planning stage of the future residential areas.   In sparsely populated  rural areas the levels of traffic noise are clearly lower than in  the central urban area.

Separate noise barriers have been built along the highway 5, in surroundings where housing areas are located near the highway, like in  Hiltulanlahti, Pitkälahti, Särkiniemi, Ritosenkangas and Kallansillat. Noise abatement has been taken into account  already at the construction stages of the major highways 5 and 17.  

The main  railway line  from Kouvola to Kajaani runs through the central parts of Kuopio. There are about 2,000 citizens  living in  areas, where rail noise levels exceed the limit values.   Rail noise levels are typically highest in the night time,  when heavy  freight trains pass through.

Noise areas of Rissala airport extend  somewhat to Kuopio side in the Jännevirta region, but the levels air traffic  noise remain relatively low and affect only a small population. The aviation noise around the Rissala airport is mostly related to military aviation.

Noise from industrial and energy production facilities effects mainly very limited  areas. Powerflute Oy's pulp mill in Sorsasalo,  the Haapaniemi power plants of Kuopio Energia Oy and some  stone quarries outside the main city area have some major effect on local noise levels.  
There are five  shooting ranges and one motor racing center in Kuopio The most significant of these is the Heinjoki shooting and motorsport center, which has a noise zone that  covers  about 2.5

Temporary noise pollution is caused by a number of different construction and maintenance works, in particular rock mining and crushing, as well as pile driving.  Noise pollution caused by construction work is regulated by the municipal environmental protection regulations and the noise notification procedure in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act.

Major public events, especially summertime outdoor concerts, cause temporary noise disturbance in the immediate surroundings of the venues. The most significant outdoor events include the Kuopio International Wine Festival, KuopioRock at Väinölänniemi and festivals organized in Tahko. The noise nuisance of these events is regulated by the noise notification procedure.