Boat berths


In Kuopio, boating is easy. There is no need to go “further than the sea to fish”.  Harbour berths can be found all around the city. There are plenty of guest boat and excursion harbours.

Kuopio is one of Finland’s largest small boat harbour operators. More than 6,000 berths are available for rent.

Existing berth charges for rowing boats, park boats, primeval boats and pier and winter storage berths will remain the same by paying the invoice sent to the home address by the due date.

New berths can be booked at the customer service area of the city hall building.

The berth renter must notify address changes to the city hall customer service.

For unpaid rentals of occupied berths, you are requested to pay the rental or remove the boat within 2 weeks. If, despite the request, the boat is not removed or the rental not paid within the time limit, the boat will be transferred to the locked enclosure on Kumpusaari. Transfer costs of at least 195 € will be charged to the customer when the boat is delivered.

If the boat is moved outside the city or the transfer requires other equipment, the actual costs incurred will be added to the transfer charge.