Rural communities and villages – joyful living in the countryside

The rural communities and villages around Kuopio offer diverse opportunities for living near nature. Rural surroundings often provide an opportunity for more spacious living than the city and give you a bit of distance from your neighbours. Living in the countryside can be freer, more ecological, and more self-sufficient. 

There are plenty of properties available in the rural communities and villages around Kuopio, and the City of Kuopio and private landowners also have new plots on offer for residential builders. The plots of the City of Kuopio are located in zoned areas in rural communities and villages, while private landowners mainly sell building sites as parcels in different parts of the countryside. 

Rural communities and villages offer many kinds of services and communal activities. In the countryside, you can also combine your living and your livelihood. Additionally, increased remote work has enabled multi-location living, where you can work remotely from outside the city, for example, from a second home. 

You can apply for plots in rural communities through the City of Kuopio’s year-round application process. Plots are available both for sale and to rent. Read more about the plots available in the rural communities of the City of Kuopio. 

The rural communities and villages around Kuopio also have their own websites with information on plots available from private landowners. You can search for privately owned plots around Kuopio on different housing related websites and through real estate agencies. 

  • Around 26 200 residents in total in rural areas 
  • Around 15 000 homes 
  • Around 40–60 new houses being built each year 

Best in the countryside 

  • More spacious living 
  • Close to nature, good terrain for outdoor living (for example mushroom & berry picking)
  • Local services in rural communities and villages

City of Kuopio plots available: 

  • Juankoski urban area 
  • Karttula urban area 
  • Kurkimäki village 
  • Käärmelahti village 
  • Pihtisalmi and Keskisaari in Maaninka 
  • Melalahti urban area 
  • Muuruvesi urban area 
  • Nilsiä urban area 
  • Pihkainmäki and Syvänniemi villages 
  • Säyneinen urban area 
  • Vehmersalmi urban area and the Syvähiekka area