Environmental protection regulations and deviations from them

The objective of environmental protection regulations is to prevent environmental pollution, taking into account local conditions, and to eliminate and reduce the harm caused by pollution.  The regulations are based on the Environmental Protection Act (527/2014).  

Compliance with the regulations is monitored by the municipal environmental protection authority, which is the Environmental and Building Board in the City of Kuopio. Environmental protection regulations are valid throughout the city, unless otherwise provided in these regulations.  

Environmental protection regulations concern, among other things, water protection and wastewater treatment, noise-causing activities, flue gas emissions, dust control, chemical treatment and storage, and waste treatment. 

The current regulations entered into force on 1 January 2018. On 3 November 2022, the Environmental and Building Board decided to launch a review of the environmental protection regulations in Kuopio. The aim is that the Environmental and Building Board could approve the revised environmental protection regulations so that they could enter into force on 1 July 2023.

For a special reason, the municipal environmental protection authority may, on application, grant a permit to deviate from these regulations in individual cases. The deviation shall not result in the exclusion of the objectives of these provisions. Deviations from environmental protection regulations are subject to a fee according to the environmental protection authority’s rate. The deviation notification must be submitted via the Lupapiste.fi service.  

Environmental protection regulations

Kuopio’s environmental protection regulations (pdf)

Suonenjoki’s environmental protection regulations (pdf)

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