Environmental protection control plan and fees

Under the Environmental Protection Act, the municipal environmental protection authority must draw up a control plan for its area for regular supervision under the Environmental Protection Act. The municipality must also draw up a control plan for waste management sites under the supervision of the municipality referred to in section 124 of the Waste Act. The plans can be combined within the same control plan. The control plan must include information on the environmental conditions and activities presenting a risk of pollution in the area, as well as available control resources and means. In addition, the plan describes the organisation of supervision and the grounds for risk assessment as well as cooperation between the authorities responsible for supervision. The control plan for 2022–2024 (pdf, in Finnish) was approved at the meeting of the Environmental and Building Board on 16 December 2021.  

Municipalities may charge a fee for issuing permits and supervising them as well as for other official duties. The fee may be charged on the grounds stipulated in the Environmental Protection Act, the Land Materials Act, the Water Act and the Land Use and Building Act. The grounds for the fee and the principles to be followed in its collection are stipulated in the rates approved by the Environmental and Building Board.

The amount of the fee in each case will be determined in the relevant decision.