Registrations under the Waste Act and other supervision of waste management

Supervision of residential waste management

All residential buildings and summer houses must join the municipal waste management system. The municipal waste management company, Jätekukko, provides regional waste management services. The Waste Management Board of Savo-Pielinen ensures that property owners have arranged suitable waste collection points and containers for their household waste. The compliance of residential property with waste management regulations is monitored by the environmental authority.

The environmental protection authority has the right and obligation to enforce the obligations laid down in waste legislation and municipal waste management regulations through notices and coercive measures. The scope of supervision also includes waste management of precipitation well and cesspool sludge.

Inspections of residential properties are carried out on a discretionary basis if necessary. For example, composting inspections are carried out annually in cooperation with a representative of the municipal waste company for residential properties that have submitted a notification of the independent composting of food waste.


Waste, machinery, devices, vehicles, platforms or other objects may not be left in the environment, nor release a substance in such a way that it may cause deterioration, collapse of the landscape, reduced comfort, risk of injury to humans or animals or other comparable hazards or harm (section 72 of the Waste Act).

The litterer is obliged to clean up the littering they cause. If the litterer cannot be found out, the property owner or holder is obliged to clean the area.

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Supervision of corporate waste management

The supervision of waste management by companies also covers the waste management of the state, parish, public corporation and association.

The waste management of companies is supervised by means of surveys and sector-specific reports. If necessary, reception reports of waste receivers and handlers are requested. Inspections at control sites are carried out in accordance with the annual inspection programme and at other times when necessary.

The supervisory authority shall periodically inspect establishments and activities that generate hazardous waste. Until now, the main focus of supervision has been on hazardous waste, but often other waste management is also inspected at the same time and other emissions and environmental effects of the operation are investigated. After the 2021 reform of the Waste Act, the sorting and separate collection of waste by companies is also supervised.

The number of companies under supervision is very large. If necessary, sampling is used to select the inspection sites.

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